United Nations ILO Project in Kyrgyzstan

“Applying design thinking to develop new service models for inclusion of adult persons with disabilities in community and labour market in Kyrgyzstan”

We are happy to see that the report of one of our recent international projects is now available online.

“This was one of the most interesting, impressive, and also challenging international projects, which I have been responsible for at Protellus: Sustainable Innovation Consultancy.” states Kilian Karg who managed this project on behalf of Protellus.

Project in a nutshell:

The International Labour Organization is an United Nations agency. It’s mandate is to advance social and economic justice by setting international labour standards.

As the project did foresee international consultants to be involved, Protellus got contracted to execute this project in end of 2022. The agile team I gathered and managed worked flexible from different countries and brought together expertise from various fields and international projects. Most important, we of course drawned on local inputs to create desired and functional outcomes.

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